Open Images in Europeana

On 1 May a set of more than 1500 videos from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision has been made available in Europeana via Open Images. Europeana brings the digitized collections of European libraries, galleries, museums, archives and audiovisual collections together online. The digital library gives access to 20 million books, films, paintings, museum objects and archival documents of around 2200 different providers.

The Sound and Vision set that has now been added contains a collection of newsreels from the Polygoon neswreels and several other films on the Netherlands in the twentieth century. By making the Sound and Vision set available in Europeana it is now part of a collection of millions of cultural objects, so interesting connections with other objects can now be made. With the API of Europeana the collections are also made available for reuse. During several hackathons the API will be used to develop interesting applications with the collections in Europeana.
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