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First selection of audiovisual material on Open Images now completely available

The first selection of audiovisual material for Open Images is now completely available online! The 469 items that can now be found on Open Images are mostly from the Polygoon Dutch News collection and some from the RVD collection. The current selection is mainly centered around a number of themes, namely: the city, summer, nature, water, food, sports, education, religion and labour. The subjects of these items are very diverse, such as an item about a caravan that can also be used as a boat, but also a video about the Tour de France in the Netherlands or about the first residents of Almere city. The material is from the period 1919 until 1980 and ranges from black and white material with no sound to colourful images with the caracteristic voice-over by Philip Bloemendal.

To give an impression of what is now available, a small selection of the available content will be shown below. From the early years, when the material was still without sound, is for example this item about the floods in Ridderkerk and Barendrecht in 1928:

From the 1930′s onwards there were more and more items with sound. During the Second World War the Polygoon newsreels were primarily used as propaganda material for the Germans and the NSB. An example of this is a series from 1941 called ‘The Netherlands feeds itself’ which makes propaganda for the national socialistic idea that every country has to be able to provide their own food:

After the Second World War the newsreel is accompanied by the voice-over from Philip Bloemendal. His typical voice is inextricably linked to the Polygoon newsreels:

From the 1970′s onwards some newsreels are in colour. A fine example of this can be seen in the beautiful colours of the butterfly collection of amateur entomologist Hermans:

The selection described above is all the material we’ll be adding to Open Images in 2009. But from next month it will be possible for users to add material to Open Images themselves. This can be material that is based on material from Open Images, but also original work.

In the 2010 we will continue adding audiovisual material to Open Images. We will also actively collaborate with other collection keepers to expand and diversify the content on Open Images and make it even more interesting.

To be able to view the examples in this blog post we kindly recommend you to use Firefox 3.5.